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Year 14 of the Modern Age. Battles between good and evil are finally over. That is, if you can trust your own memory.

Olive, Amelia, Jay and Skye are teenagers growing up in this peaceful age, fed on stories of the past. Magicians. Idols. Vigilante Heroes. Stars of teen magazines and comic books alike, their true names and faces lost to history.

Everything begins to change when Olive discovers a strange ring, and a talking rabbit. The rabbit’s name is Zirconia, owner of five magic rings which contain her power. What does the power of Zircon Rose mean for Olive? What caused the disappearance of magic users? And what really happened during the Dark Age?


VOL. 1


Olive and Jay confront the power of Zircon and Diamond, as strange monsters begin to surface, all while struggling to cope with the consequences of their powers on their friends’ memories.

How will their forced secrecy affect the lives of Olive the optimist, and Jay the fatalist?

VOL. 2

Published 2019

Tensions rise as Amelia and Skye grow suspicious of their friends' sporadic comings and goings, and the Champion of Truth makes a dramatic entrance.

Meanwhile, Carmine Michaels of Memtex Laboratories continues to hunt Jay for his magical ring, and Skye relives the painful memories that led him to his dearest friend.

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